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Hey There!

6 Jun

Hey everyone!

My name is Kairri and as you probably have guessed, I play a shaman in the World of Warcraft video game. I have been a player of the game for almost a year now. Even though I haven’t been around since vanilla release, i do believe I am a fairly decent player. I’ve participated in many ICC raids already. Me also being new allows me to bring a fresh (<em>noobish</em>) point of view on everything, which I hope you will enjoy. Kairri is a new shaman at only level 30 at the moment. I also write over at Check that out if you’d like. 🙂

My posts will most likely consist of journal type entries along with personal reflections of how i feel. I’ll also included the random guide here and there because I am quite the elitist. If you still wanna hear about our adventures in Azeroth then welcome to our like space on the internet. Thank you very much for reading. 🙂


Hiya!! :D

6 Jun

I’d just like to welcome you to a joint effort blog!! I’m Fiorra, from Cairne- US. I live on the Emberstorm battlegroup. The name Fiorra comes from my Priest, who once upon a time used to a Holy Draenei Priest called Fiorra. Now, she’s a Shadow Night Elf Priest called Synysta…lol. The name was changed to reflect the change in the role 🙂 Sadly, even after the name change, thanks to Twitter and the rest of my followers on the Internet…I still get called Fiorra. Most of Cairne calls me Fiorra or Fifi, which frankly is annoying as it sounds like they are calling a pet poodle!

I also have several alts, my main alts being a Blood Elf Death Knight tank called Zendyrin and a Holy Draenei Paladin called Melevelia 🙂 Yeah, I don’t really take sides…I tend to just play my favourite races- and those are any of the elf races and Draenei 🙂 I do love all my toons to pieces and I tend to play WoW quite a bit.

I also talk wayyyyy too much on Twitter, so if you care to follow me…please feel free to add @fiorra08 to your Twitter followers! Beware though, I do talk a lot and I do bitch a lot too. And I do have a tendancy of being trashy at times. I apologise ahead of time 🙂 But this is my little intro from me, I hope that you’ll find me at least a little entertaining? No, please don’t run away! See, I’ve set you up a little cushion in the corner. I have cookies and milk too? (Yes, I resort to bribes!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading!