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Hunters, Huntards…whatever

16 Jun

I don’t care what you call the class, but I am really loving my hunter at the moment. Sure, she’s only level 15 and I have a lot more shit to plow through yet…but I am enjoying her on the same scale as I did levelling my Paladin. Everwyn (Or Wyn for short as I call her) is a little bitty Blood Elf Hunter with a pet wolf she rescued from the creepy forests of Silverpine. He is called Carnage. Now, if you know me well…you will know how the wolf’s name come about. Or maybe you won’t- I’m certainly not telling you 😛

I just wanted to give you a little intro to the Hunter as I’ll probably be writing about her a lot more. Does anyone out there have any links or blogs I could read that are Hunter related? Or maybe some of you play Hunters? Whichever- I’d sure appriciate the help 🙂 I’ve been reading Brigwyn’s Hunter levelling guide on and I’m finding it interesting…but just after a really basic beginners guide I guess. I am a complete and utter noob to Hunters- other than I know what they can wear armor-wise and that they have a pet. Apart from that, I am a total dunce.



Bit of a change of plan…

16 Jun

It seems that a large spanner (or a wrench to you Americans!) has been thrown into the works 😦 Kairri is no longer able to contribute to the blog. I really hope that doesn’t scare some of you you will be stuck with my bitching, moaning and very crude behavior from now on. Ohh, and of course talk about World of Warcraft 🙂

I’m working on a blog piece about the new changes to Cataclysm at the moment, so please keep your eyes peeled for that in the next few days. I’m sorry to break the bad news to you lovely people like this…but poor Kairri just doesn’t have the time, so it’s shame but I wish her the best of luck in whatever she does. Sadly, this does mean there will be no more Shaman information posted on this blog (as I don’t play one) but I do welcome Kairri back anytime she would like to make a guest post about Shamans or whatever tickles her fancy 🙂

Now. If you’ve been following Twitter recently, you will know that I rolled a Hunter. Her name is Everwyn and she has a pet called Carnage 🙂 I must get back to her, as I hear her calling out my name 🙂 Hope to hear from you all soon!! 😀


Yes I read. No, I don’t own an iPad.

8 Jun

I thought that I would kick off the blog with a post about the printed Warcraft universe. I personally am a HUGE fan of the novels. I’m currently finishing up the 3rd book in the ‘War of the Ancients’ series and I have to say that for as much shit Richard A. Knaak gets for some of the books he’s wrote for Blizzard…I am thourougly absorbed in this series. I find myself finishing a book and then running straight for the nearest Waterstones to find the next book in the series. (Waterstones is the UK of Barnes and Noble but more classy without a Starbucks or fucking whiny kids).  I just get really absorbed into the characters like Tyrande and Malfurion, how their relationship develops and their struggle with the Burning Legion. This series is about the 1st coming of the Burning Legion and the opening of the Dark Portal to let Sargaras through so he can splinter Azeroth into smithereens. I won’t really say anymore about the plot other than it’s set mainly before Neltharion went nutso and Azshara was still a Night Elf.

Anyhoo! We don’t need anymore spoilery goodness about the book series. I just recommend you go out and buy it, because it is really good and you won’t regret the purchase at all. I really like Richard A. Knaak’s work, I’m looking forward to grabbing the Malfurion Stormrage book and reading it from cover to cover when I finally have money again. He has such a way with words, developing the characters with such ease and pulling you so far into the Warcraft universe that when you do finally pull your head out of the book…you’ll forget what country you live in, never mind the day or the time.

I’m still yet to find any of the Warcraft Manga in the UK…and hopefully one day I will find a supplier that is importing it. I’m actually a really big fan of the Manga cartoons, as an artist myself…it’s not so much the stories that I love to read but the artwork I love to look at. I’m actually the kind of person who has framed comic strips and cartoons up on my walls- I love artwork especially if it’s of the Warcraft variety. I love to scan the internet for the Sunday Warcraft comics and look forward to the Sunday Funnies section on every week. Some of these people are seriously talented, and my hat is off to you people 🙂

There are various authors who write the Blizzard novels, not only just Richard A. Knaak. Christie Golden wrote the Arthas novel, which I’ve also read and thought that was an amazing insight into his twisted, warped mind…and strangely felt even more sorry for Jaina. And Don Perrin writes Day of the Clans. I’ve not had the chance to read into that yet. Also, thanks to the Warcraft novels, I was able to name my Death Knight after giving her a scrub a dub dub and a faction transfer. I used Night of the Dragon to get her name, lol. Win.

But I love books. I love to hold them in my hands, stack them up on my shelves and sit flicking through the pages..hour after hour. I love writing books. I love the smell of musty old book shops and I love how most of them are really compact that you can just toss them in your bag for some portable entertainment when you’re waiting for the bus or are stuck at a kid’s birthday party and you’re bored out of your mind. (If the latter occurs, find the nearest closet, sit in there and lock the door behind you. Oh and remember to take a flashlight- you can’t read a book in the dark).

iPads? Yeah, you’re nice…but you’re not a book. Sorry.



Hiya!! :D

6 Jun

I’d just like to welcome you to a joint effort blog!! I’m Fiorra, from Cairne- US. I live on the Emberstorm battlegroup. The name Fiorra comes from my Priest, who once upon a time used to a Holy Draenei Priest called Fiorra. Now, she’s a Shadow Night Elf Priest called Synysta…lol. The name was changed to reflect the change in the role 🙂 Sadly, even after the name change, thanks to Twitter and the rest of my followers on the Internet…I still get called Fiorra. Most of Cairne calls me Fiorra or Fifi, which frankly is annoying as it sounds like they are calling a pet poodle!

I also have several alts, my main alts being a Blood Elf Death Knight tank called Zendyrin and a Holy Draenei Paladin called Melevelia 🙂 Yeah, I don’t really take sides…I tend to just play my favourite races- and those are any of the elf races and Draenei 🙂 I do love all my toons to pieces and I tend to play WoW quite a bit.

I also talk wayyyyy too much on Twitter, so if you care to follow me…please feel free to add @fiorra08 to your Twitter followers! Beware though, I do talk a lot and I do bitch a lot too. And I do have a tendancy of being trashy at times. I apologise ahead of time 🙂 But this is my little intro from me, I hope that you’ll find me at least a little entertaining? No, please don’t run away! See, I’ve set you up a little cushion in the corner. I have cookies and milk too? (Yes, I resort to bribes!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading!